Tom Leeman is the main instructor at JKA/WF Coconut Creek Karate Club. He moved to Florida in 1981 were he met a former Jujitsu student Steve MaGee at JKA South Atlantic Karate Association headquarters and was introduced to Master Shigeru Takashina 9th Dan JKA and has trained under him since. Tom's JKA rank is Go Dan or 5th degree black belt which he received from Master Masaaki Ueki, 9th Dan JKA.

Over the years Tom has been instructed at the South Atlantic Karate Camps by Master Masaaki Ueki, Master Masatoshi Nakayama, Master Teruyuki Okazaki, Master Takayuki Mikami, Master Yutaka Yaguchi, Master Hideo Ochi, Master Shojiro Koyama, Master Yano, Sensei Nagatomo and Sensei James Field.

Tom also studied and taught Jishukan-Ryu Jujitsu from 1974 to 1981 under Ping Shihan in Ypsilanti Michigan. In 1980, Tom traveled and lived in Yokosuka Japan, with Ping Shihan and 12 other students. Everyday they trained at the Mikasa Dojo for hours each morning and each evening under Yano Shihan, Ping Shihan and Shuho Sugita Soke the originator of Jishukan Ryu Jujitsu. Tom help build and manage Pings Dojo in Ypsilanti Michigan in the late 70’s.
Tom has been instructing at the Coconut Creek Karate Dojo since 1993 and is the Secretary of the South Atlantic Karate Association under Master Takashina until his passing. Tom holds the Annual Takashina Memorial Tournament each year and the South Atlantic Karate Summer Gasshuku. You can find many Videos from our tournaments and Camps at BestShotokankarate on YouTube. The Coconut Creek dojo was first established in 1987 by Steve Magee and Tom Edenger. To date, many students have trained diligently and continuously throughout the years.

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