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Kihon Requirements

10 Kyu White belt KIHON – In place basics in SHIZEN TAI (HACHIJI DACHI) feet should width apart. CHUDAN CHOKU ZUKI Alternating arms Punching Body JODAN AGE UKE - Rising Block CHUDAN SOTO UKE - Outside Block GEDAN BARAI - Down Block HEISOKU DACHI, GEDAN KAKI WAKE UKE: MAE GERI Feet together, double down block…
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Summer Camp 2015

Dear Karate-kas: We are pleased to invite you to attend the 41st Annual SAKA Summer Training Camp at its new in the beachside community of Delray Beach, Florida. Last year, over 100 total people attended, and we look forward to another successful training camp in 2015. Capacity is strictly limited, so do not wait to…
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Niju Kun: The 20 Guiding Principles

    一、空手道は礼に始まり礼に終る事を忘るな Hitotsu, karate-do wa rei ni hajimari rei ni owaru koto o wasuruna Karate Begins with "Rei' (Pronounced "ray").  Rei embodies respect and etiquitte. 一、空手に先手なし Hitotsu, karate ni sente nashi There is no first strike in karate. 一、空手は義の補け Hitotsu, karate wa, gi no tasuke Karate stands on the side of justice. 一、先づ自己を知れ而して他を知れ Hitotsu,…
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